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luxury consumption is still in earlyLove LOGO is inevitable For this, the reporter interviewed the wealth Quality Research Institute president Zhou Ting, she said, no ground for blame Chengdu public preference for LOGO, in relation to Beijing, the city such as Shanghai, Chengdu in luxury goods, luxury brands information etc, are a lot less. The developed city consumers' concept of maturity, they will start to the pursuit of ' personalized ', even thought that LOGO would limit their character display. But the public also in Chengdu luxury consumption of primary stage, will <p>michael kors outlet be more concerned about brand awareness and recognition of others. Want luxury LOGO to display their wealth and status, it is a kind of immature <p>michael kors outlet online ' he needs consumption '. But Zhou Ting also said, love is it's only human face. In the beginning of Beijing, Shanghai also is such, over time, consumption will gradually transition to taste consumption. This is also the development trend of Chengdu luxury market. Gucci bag cleaning with consumers by half the compensation disputeNowadays, in many people's eyes, luxury is the i.
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